Action, Adventure, History, War, Mystery, Conspiracy, God
Amber Room Novel - by H.D. Evans

The Amber Room was a phenomenon I came across many years ago. It is a story that has intrigued for centuries. Did it really have special powers, it certainly captured people's imagination and awe? Was it really lost at the end of the second world war? A lot of people think not, something so valuable would not be allowed to be destroyed. Then where is it?

The Amber Room is a modern novel with a classic theme. The spirit of two main characters, a man and a woman are intertwined through generations of a dynasty with the fate of the Amber Room. Love, hate, life, death, the essence of humanity. Written so that the reader can enjoy several strands: mystery, adventure, history, romance and spirituality. Enjoy.

The Amber Room has been found! At the end of a race and battle across a continent over millennia, it has been found! Good or bad, you decide!

The Amber Room was beautiful, valuable, inspiring; made as magnificent mosaic of fascinating facets: so too this novel; fact, fiction, hope, despair, romance, war.

H.D. Evans

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